Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do Dump or Marry - Downton Edition

So are you guys watching the third season of Downton Abbey on PBS? Or did you watch it alongside its UK airing like I did? Having done so I have kept my yap shut so I don't spoil it for anybody, but hey look the third season comes out on DVD today, so you too can pull yourself up ahead of the crowd. It seems a little weird to me that it's getting released onto DVD before they air all of the episodes here but whatever, we all consume these things at our own rates now, don't we? Speaking of consuming things...

... it's about well past time we did a Do Dump or Marry for this show, innit? If you want to pick from the actors themselves or the characters they play, that's up to you. I think it's more fun to insert yourself into the show for this round of make-believe, but maybe you like the way they look out of costume better. (Or maybe you don't want to have to worry about wading thru the mores of the time mid-fantasy.) Our three be...

... Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley...

... Allen Leech as Tom Branson...

... and Rob James Collier as Thomas Barrow.
(see lots more of RJC here)
Hit the comments with your answer!


Tyler O. said...

This one is so easy.

MARRY - Branson. My ideal man in every way.
DO - Thomas
DUMP - Chinless Matthew

billybil said...

Yep - Tyler O has it right! I want me some Irish revolutionary on a daily basis and Mr. Barrow will be a just fine foe for one night. As for Matthew...well, I don't find him all that chinless but he can't compete with these other two!

homeslaughter said...

Do Thomas
Dump Matthew
Mary Tom
Is there any other way to work this?

Jason Adams said...

There's gotta be somebody who's a diehard Dan Stevens fan... right? Hello? Crickets?

I'm with you guys, though.

Mike J. said...

JA, I am with you. Dan Stevens' eyes are gorgeous. I'd marry him just to gaze in his eyes and stare at him, do the chauffeur (with an ass like that, it would be a long night), and dump the gay dude.

Melissa said...

Marry Tom, be lifelong besties in bitchery with Thomas and whatever Matthew.

joel65913 said...

It would be the same outcome if was the characters or the men who played them.

Do-Robert James Collier/Thomas
Dump-Dan Stevens/Matthew
Marry-Allen Leech/Tom

I have to say though I do have a thing for Hugh Bonneville too.

sommerwald said...

Do Branson
Marry Matthew
Dump Thomas

But if Branson started talking I'd couldn't stand if for long and would have to switch him with Thomas.

I kinda have a think for Alfred though....

par3182 said...

do thomas - i imagine he's got a lot of pent-up frustration to release

dump matthewzzzzzzzzz - but keep in touch with his fabulous mother

marry branson - but we're living in the big house, chauffeur boy

Sean said...

Do Dan (even though his character is such a puss)
Dump Allen (shut up about being Irish, who cares)
Marry RJC

Woof, waking up to that every morning. I since he is so sexually repressed as Mr. Barrow you know he would be very ready to rumble if you know what I mean.

Stella said...

DO Thomas
DUMP Branson
MARRY Matthew

Bonnie said...

Do: Thomas - All that pent-up sexual frustration. Need i say more?
Marry: Branson - He's a sweetheart
Dump: Matthew - He's a bit dull

Anonymous said...

The mean butler is on the cover of Out

John T said...

Marry Dan Stevens-I've met him, and he's insanely sexy.

Flip a coin on the remaining ones.

Anonymous said...

Dump Thomas - Even though I love him to death. He looks a lot sexier in real life than he does as Thomas.

Do Branson - WOOF! I've had a thing for Allen Leech since I first saw him in The Tudors. Can I do him everyday though?

Marry Matthew - Sweetheart

Chris said...

Err, about 1 year late to this edition.

Do - Branson
Marry - Matthew (and then mourn him)
Dump - pasty Thomas.

And after seeing this trailer: DO DO DO Dan Stevens. https://www.yahoo.com/movies/the-guest-trailer-dan-stevens-what-would-you-do-if-93978470452.html