Friday, January 25, 2013

An Excuse To Look At Romain Duris Hooray

Our favorite furry Frenchman (give or take a Vincet Cassel) Romain Duris is in the new movie alongside Audrey tatou from Michel Gondry, called Mood Indigo, which is out in France in April, and there is now a French-language trailer (via) upon which we may feast our eyes. Feast!

That my friends looks absolutely gorgeous. I mean it also looks kind of like the same thing Michel Gondry's done before, but it looks gorgeous too. Did I say gorgeous? Hit the jump for gorgeous -- more gorgeous than you can shake a stick at! (The stick is his penis.)

ETA Oh wait here are some shots from Dan's Paris of him rubbing his tighty-whity clad crotch on a girl's face in front of bookshelves! We mustn't forget those!


shawnp said...

/adds Heartbreak back into the Netflix queue

tanpoffel said...

runs to buy DANS PARIS!

iggy said...

So it's true what they say, France is the country which best treats actresses ;)

Unknown said...

What is the name of the movie that he is naked?