Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Always Bet On Butler

Oh my god this trailer for the other "White House under attack!" movie Olympus Has Fallen from Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and starring Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart (the other other one being White House Down with Channing Tatum from director Roland Emmerich) has everything I've ever wanted in a movie trailer. It has Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart and Dylan McDermott wearing tuxedos and looking at each other, it has Angela Bassett, it has slow motion shots of machine guns and fireballs, it has Rick Yune being sexy and bad and manhandling Eckart, it has Ashley Judd falling off of a bridge. It has everything! I mean I don't know if this "everything" is enough to get me to see the actual movie, but I'll watch the trailer a million times! Watch it here:

It's out at the end of March. Hit the jump for some caps
I took of all the movie's various men-folk...


Anonymous said...

Cheezus, no man candy can save that movie...

Jee Jay said...

let's play Elevator Pitch:

"it's Independence Day meets Die Hard"?

"it's Air Force One meets Die Hard"?

...oh wait, I've got it --

"it's In The Line Of Fire meets Die Hard"! that's it.