Monday, December 03, 2012

They Shoot Hedlunds, Don't They

Interview Magazine got Jeff Bridges to interview his Tron-son Garrett Hedlund here on the eve of On the Road's release and it's a pleasant chat - amiable as you'd think it would be for anybody to chat with Jeff Bridges - but I especially liked this tidbit from Garrett when asked what working with Jane Fonda was like:

"She was great. Incredibly supportive. I didn't get so much time with her, but I remember that she loved that I was from Minnesota. The first thing she asked me was, "Do you ride?" And I was like, "Ride what?" And she was like, "Horses. What did you think?" [both laugh] I remember that all my pals teased me, like, "Don't you go having an affair with Jane Fonda now."

Hearing "Jane Fonda" and "horses" together actually just makes me think of Jane Fonda blowing her head off, so romance wasn't actually my first thought there; kudos to those who haven't been as fucked up by the movies as I have, then. Here are a few more shots of Garrett in Interview:

I'm seeing On the Road tonight and I know review have been mixed but I also know Garrett is totally naked a few times in the movie, so, you know where I stand. Did I say Garrett Hedlund totally naked? (via) Oh you might want to hit the jump, then.

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