Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silent Night Will Kill Your Night

Have yourself a crappy little remake,
Let your actors be no good.
From now on our hero will be made of wood.
Have yourself a shitty little movie,
Make some arterial spray.
For some reason this Santa will have absolutely nothing to say.
Who knew that in olden days, happy golden days, of gore,
the '84 film would seem so smart,
a nasty work of art, while you're just a snore.
Through the scenes the viewer's mind will wander,
where did I do wrong? 
How am I sitting through this thing, so long?
I must have a very low opinion of myself...


Will h said...

Kind of sucks that Knives Chau is in this.

Jason Adams said...

I was SO UPSET when I realized that was her. She needs a break, dammit!

Will h said...

I should have listened to you. Also, if you could explain the last 5 to 7 minutes of the movie to me, that would be great.