Monday, December 17, 2012

Richard Arlen Twelve Times

I never have gotten around to seeing the first Oscar winner, 1927's Wings (well co-winner - there were two Best Picture prizes that first year, one for "Outstanding Picture" which is what Wings won, and one for 'Unique and Artistic Production," which went to Murnau's gorgeous film Sunrise) even though I've gawked at that gay kiss it features before. Well one of those gay kissers is the actor Richard Arlen, and I have no idea what rabbit hole I fell down over the weekend to get to him (I am guessing it had something to do with the two Barbara Stanwyck movies I watched, but he wasn't in either of them, so who knows?) but here we are.

Those last couple shots are of Arlen with Buddy Rogers (the dude he kisses) and of course Gary Cooper in Wings - a trio still invoking the dirtiest of bunk-mate fantasies nearly a full century later.


gregory brown said...

Ya gotta see WINGS.

Anonymous said...

These two latter day gods (Arlen and Rogers) appear together in, of all things, an episode of Petticoat Junction, circa 1968, playing THEMSELVES. The episode is called “Wings”, if I remember correctly. They’re out riding together in their dreamy, white Imperial convertible and manage to wind up at the Shady Rest! They’re both gorgeous in Wings, and look like attractive “older” gentlemen in this color episode of the beloved classic. It’s worth checking out.