Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pics of the Day

Channing Tatum in sweatpants and Mark Ruffalo in a wrestling singlet with a visible jockstrap - I do believe I must have fallen asleep at my desk and this is that dream I have sometimes, in which case... shield your eyes, people. (pics via)


Anonymous said...

I can't stand, Channing Tatum, here is why, he is a former wigger like Eminem, he is so annoying and overrated and not even that good looking, he looks like he has down syndrome sometimes, I am not hating or saying, I am any better looking,cause a lot of y'all when you see someone online and say oh he or she is ugly, don't like to admit your ugly yourself, and you know who you are. Channing also , I hate to out people, but is rumored or was rumored to be bisexual, he did a lot of gay esque photo shoots, and one with touching or playing with this other half naked guy, I just don't like him he reminds me somewhat of Burt Lancaster, a man who was a stud, but not as weird looking as Channing, just kind of a big lug, not to be rude or a hater, I am a lover not a hater its just that this Channing Tatum thing has gone way to far, he is not even that sexy, People's sexiest man alive, seriously get out of town,yuk he is so not my cup of tea, by the way , wow Mark Ruffalo really got fat in those pictures, not hating he's way sexier than channing though. Account Name: Cinderelmo/Louis Falcon.

John said...

Channing looks really good in those pictures, even he has to have some flaws, he still looks hot.

amola-tesouras said...

...I'd still do Ruffallo.

Violomark said...

Oh my fucking god, for a second there I thought that was Paul Giamatti. I am soooo sorry beautiful beautiful Mark Ruffalo, it was an honest mistake. Really it was.

Anyways I have such a love/hate thing going on with Channing Tatum. I loved him when he posed in bikini briefs for Versace and fell in lust with him when he starred as the man candy in that Amanda Bynes cross-dressing vehicle but then his face got bloated and he became older and greasier and I lost all interest but then he did Magic Mike and he starred in 21 Jump Street and he kind of redeemed himself.

Still not 100% into him though.