Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joe Struts His Stuff

These pec-tastic pictures are from way back in June when Joseph Gordon Levitt was shooting his directorial debut Don Jon's Addiction in New York, but I missed them, and that is a shame. So here they are! I know his new big muscles are considered "controversial" (you know, just like waterboarding is) but they are right up my alley.


gregory brown said...

A bit of meat on the man's bones (or any recombination of those words) is fine by me. He's never going to Arnie up on us or even worse become a Stallone clone. The smile remains the same.

Anonymous said...

I agree with gregory brown. Joseph Gordon-Levitt may have buffed himself up but he certainly has not taken it to the extreme. Yes he has more definition in muscle but he is still very lean. Personally I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Like Jonathan Tucker, he has gone from 87-pound weakling to hottie without looking like a gym rat or steroid user.