Friday, December 21, 2012

I See You, Mandy

I just saw Amanda Seyfried on the street. I just saw Amanda Seyfried on the street and she was with an UGLY man. What the fuck? I mean no offense Ugly Man, but for Amanda Seyfried's birthday a few weeks ago Hugh Jackman put his dick on her. He did this in front of an audience of people. An audience of people probably including his wife and/or children. That is the magic that Amanda Seyfried casts. The hottest men in the world splay themselves dick-up at her feet. This is why I simultaneously love and loathe her. We have a very complicated one-sided relationship, me and Amanda Seyfried, built entirely upon the dreams of her magical slutty powers. And my dreams? You have turned them into nightmares!!!


Dawn said...

It wasnt that guy from Dexter she was with was it?

I think she has been trading way down lately.

Jason Adams said...

Do you mean Michael C. Hall? No it wasn't MCH. I actually think MCH is hot ugly. (Now that's a distinction.) This guy was just ugly ugly. God I'm so afraid Ugly Guy will find this post at some point; I'm being so mean. It's all in the name of humor, Ugly Guy! I'm sure you have a nice personality, or whatever.

Dawn said...

Naw...not MCH whom I adore but the Quinnster.

Lol. I know you are being humorous in regards to Ugly Guy.

Anonymous said...

See this interview (, where Eddie Redmayne attests that Amanda Seyfried is diiiiiiirty!