Friday, December 07, 2012

I Am Link

--- Dragon's Lair - EW shares the first look at the second Hobbit movie, which is the one saddled with The Desolation of Smaug sub-title, and sure enough methinks that Bilbo's getting an eyeful of Smaug therein. The best part of that link though is Peter Jackson's eternal co-writer Philippa Boyens hinting about what we'll be seeing in the third movie (cough The Battle of Five Armies cough). Nerd alert.

--- After Eyre - Carey Fukunaga, the very promising young director of Jane Eyre and Sin Nombre, has directed a short film starring the very promising young actress Haley Bennett, who I've been sounding the bell for for awhile now, and you can see it over at The Playlist.

--- Rhinestone Cowboy - After looking at these pictures of Michael Douglas as Liberace in Steven Soderbergh's bio-pic Behind the Candelabra (yup, that title still cracks me up every time), I'm now convinced that Mike got his much-discussed funky face-lift specifically so he'd look like ol' Libs a little bit more, because damn he looks right. Matt Damon is too damn old, though.

--- Gifs For Peace - You know that Stanley Donwood art-work for Thom Yorke's side-band Atoms For Peace's next album that I showed off the other day? Apparently the band's record company graffiti'd their entire building with it and made a time-lapse of it moving - watch it over at Pitchfork.

--- Anchor Woman - I can't believe I forgot to link to this yesterday - Kristen Wiig might play Will Ferrell's Steve Carell's romantic foil wife in the Anchorman sequel! I thought Christina Applegate was terrific in the first movie, but I'm all over Kristen and Will Steve together. Plus she can rock the Farrah hair again.

--- Female Troubles - As I typed up this morning's Life Lesson from Sara Goldfarb, I immediately thought of this post at The Film Experience from yesterday wherein Nat imagines a box-set of movies from his favorite genre - "Women Who Lie To Themselves." Sara would fit right in.


Will h said...

I think Kristin Wiig would be playing Steve Carell's love interest?

Haley Bennett is supposedly the lead of the next movie from the director of The Myth of the American Sleepover, which I hope is still happening. I haven't heard anything about it in a while.

Jason Adams said...

Re: Wiig - right again, Will H! That's what you get for reading the entire story I guess. Sounds exhausting to me! ;)