Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I Am Link

--- Blood Relative - Nothing will top that pencil-sketched first poster for Stoker, which was a beaut, but I like this here international version too (via) - the lopping off of Matt and Nic's heads up top, that spray of blood on the former's collar, and that title - Lazos Perversos! I don't even want to look up its translation, I like the general air it gives off all on its own.

--- One Nom - Over at The Film Experience Glenn made a lovely list of his ten favorite movies to have gotten only a single Oscar nomination in their respective years - come for the Jackie Brown, stay for the Addams Family Values!

--- More Giant Things - He only just announced what he will be following Pacific Rim with earlier this week (a haunted house movie called Crimson Peak), but there's no rest for Guillermo Del Toro - they're already prepping themselves for a Pacific Rim sequel, getting the writer set up. As for Crimson, GDT talked it up over here.

--- Gun Shy - Hey look it's another opinion piece about the male member in a respectable publication. As long as I never grow tired of thinking of male members, then I'll never get tired of these. Thank you, Fassy.
--- Drawn Bad - Even though I hated Rise of the Guardians, I don't like seeing people say what a huge disaster it is for Dreamworks Animation - they gave us the glorious How To Train Your Dragon! I'll never comprehend how it cost 145 million dollars though. I gotta get into that racket.

--- Read Their Lips - EW lists the five worst lines of dialogue in the movies of 2012, and they don't find any room for anything that came out of Blake Lively's mouth in Savages? WARGASMS, people.

--- Space Raced - I guess there will be a one-minute long Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer thing showing up online sometime today. If you care.I already miss Eric Bana.


Jasper said...

Oh my gosh, I thought of orgasms/wargasms on the way to work today for no discernible reason. My own list:

"Let's pretend we're Catholic, and I'll see if I can find the heretic amongst you." —The Man With the Iron Fists

(The above line is Russell Crowe talking to a bunch of prostitutes while brandishing some kind of dildo/speculum device, and the discomfort of that line PLUS that imagery is why I'm including it here.)

"You were secretly taken away from here to be raised by loving but unaware parents." —Silent Hill 2

"They're using clones of me?!" "Of course. You were one of the 50 basic models." —Resident Evil 5 (It's 5, right? We're up to 5 now?)

"You worried?" "No. Why?" "You're putting on your pants kinda angry." —Alex Cross

And the winner...

"If this boy can have a leaf on his ankle, then we can make pencils out of leaves!" —The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Jason Adams said...

Oh my god Jasper, those are AMAZING.

Jasper said...

Just for the record: I see a lot of bad movies, and I always bring a notebook.