Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I Am Link

--- Man In Black - My first thought when I saw this new Man of Steel poster (via) was that is was something created online by an over-eager fan, because it just looks really wonky doesn't it? It's oddly blurry and, well, kind of cheap-looking if you ask me. Henry Cavill's face, that Abrams-ian light-flare - it just doesn't seem right. But everybody's running with it as if it's so real... okay? At least Henry's arms look good.

--- Bat Fever - Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn expresses some of my own worries and doubts about the poster (as well as the new similarly dark Star Trek one) - that the Christopher Nolan dark 'n brooding template is being tossed onto everything now, whether it fits or not. Personally I think going too dark and gritty with Superman is an awful idea.

--- Ghost Jock - Here's a chat with writer/director Chris Butler (who's gay) and co-director Sam Fell (who's not gay) on the subject of the gay jock Mitch in ParaNorman, that wonderful little cartoon movie that I fell in love with last week. I forgot to mention this in my review; it's apparently the first time a main character's been gay in an animated film. It's sort of a spoiler if you haven't seen the film, but I sniffed Mitch out the second he popped on-screen. Also, there's a weird shot of Mitch's bare butt at the link. I don't know.

--- Little People Big Screen - The Playlist gathered up several reviews of The Hobbit and pretty much everybody agrees that the 48 frames per second thing is an eye-sore. Ugh! I already bought my ticket to see it that way. Slash is friendlier in their review towards the technology, although they call the film itself a bit of a drag.

--- Mother's Boys - We saw some pictures of Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville shooting their movie Two Mothers (with Robin Wright and Naomi Watts) at the beach way back in February; well now The Playlist has some professional quality shots from it, aka even clearer shots of them without their shirts on.

--- Pumpkin Princess - I wrote up a few more thoughts on Mark Romanek's Cinderella over at The Film Experience yesterday, including some more Hanna-centric casting thoughts that make me a little bit giddy.

--- Utah Express - Park Chan-wook's film Stoker is going to screen at Sundance. Somebody fly me to Sundance dammit!

--- My Best Fiend - BD has several new stills of Elijah Wood getting his creep on in the remake of Maniac, which still doesn't have a concrete release date from what I can tell. I saw it last month and to my surprise loved it.

--- Super Bad - I didn't mention this yesterday when Dane DeHaan was confirmed for Harry in the next Spider-Man movie, but Jamie Foxx is also confirmed for the villain role of Electro, too. I am hoping that Quentin Tarantino can turn my opinion of Foxx around with Django Unchained, since generally I don't like him.

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