Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Am Link

--- Get Along Lil' Doggies - For those of you out there with a thing for Armie Hammer's giant feet (and I know you're out there, you have found this post and made it your homes), then have I got a trailer for you! The first full-lengther for The Lone Ranger prominently features the big guy's big paddles - come for the foot worship, stay for the running away from fireballs in slow-motion and extended brown-face!

--- Holodeck Threeway - A million gay Trekkies have had the exact same fantasy that this new image from Star Trek Into Darkness is putting back into our heads - the only question is: who'd be in the middle? And is it just me or are everybody's pants tighter? (Mine certainly are after looking at that picture! Ba dum bum, ching.)

--- Ass Masters - There's a new show on Showtime that stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan and this is the first I'm hearing about it? What in the what now? It's called Masters of Sex and it's basically Kinsey but about some other sex people, not Kinsey.

--- Little Green Men - If I were in Australia I would be slapping Stale Popcorn's Glenn with a single long white glove right now for only just seeing the two Gremlins movies this week. WTF Glenn? Do my words mean nothing to you? Damn! Anyway he finally saw them and liked them both, which is good for him because if he only just now saw them and on top of that didn't like them I don't think we'd ever be able to speak again.

--- Prrncess Power - This piece on Pixar's Brave is pretty convincing about what the studio's mission was with the movie, and it did make me want to go back and watch it again, but I really remember seeing what they were going for the first time I watched it and still finding it not entirely successful anyway.

--- Storm Coming - Because there aren't enough superhero movies being made, the reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise will be out in the Summer of 2015. This is where I say what I say whenever this subject comes up: those movies sucked, but they had prime Chris Evans in (and often out) of a skintight latex bodysuit so, you know, best movies ever. Good effing luck to whomever they get to fill out that costume this time.

--- Foreign Pressed - Our pal Joe takes a look at the possible nominees for the Golden Globes, which will be announced this weekend. The nominees, that is. But who will make a drunken fool out to themselves at the ceremony? That's where the real guess-work comes in! My money's on Rooney Mara. She's gonna be seen spitting in David Fincher's general direction. Just call it a hunch.

--- Equal Sequel - Nicholas Winding Refn might make a big-screen version of the 80s NYC cop show The Equalizer with Denzel Washington as... the equalizer! I remember watching this show as a little kid (which seems wrong - wasn't it really dark? No wonder I'm so effed up) but my memory's hazy; I do know Glenn watched it not too long ago and blogged about it. Anyway I'lls ee anything NWR does, of course, even if I'm not the biggest Denzel fan.

--- God's Guns - Speaking of Refn, a new picture of Ryan Goslin in Only God Forgives, their next pictures together after the astonishing Drive, can be seen right there (via). It gives a good healthy look at Ryan's astonishing guns.

--- Star Lord Lee - I worry he's jinxing himself, yapping about it in public, but Lee Pace has confirmed that he's auditioning for the lead dude in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which we heard a few weeks ago. Good luck though, Lee!

--- Blunder Land - They're going to make a sequel to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, so get your barf bags ready.

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Will h said...

Josh Trank directed Chronicle, so maybe we'll be seeing Alex Russel in and out of that latex suit.