Monday, December 03, 2012

I Am Link

--- Make Out - I don't really have anything of substance to add to this picture of Michael Fassbender and his Prometheus co-star Idris Elba standing beside each other touching (via), but what could I add that would sum up all of the tingling sensations that picture on its own creates? Picture's worth a thousand words, so on.

--- Floor Wench - Last week we heard that Cate Blanchett was circling the role of the Wicked Stepmother in an update of Cinderella from the director Mark Romanek - now comes word that the gals fighting it out to slip on that glass slipper are Saorsie Ronan, Alicia Vikander, and Gabriella Wilde. Since Ronan's the only one I am familiar with, and I like her, let's go with her. Hanna reunion!
--- Get Ha'd In May - Even though I never get around to MNPP's Golden Trousers Awards until the cusp of Spring usually, I can promise you that Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha will figure prominently in them already, since I adored the film. Rumors were it'd be out in March, so maybe it would be coming out right about the time I usually get the Pantys started, but now it's got an official date and it's a little later - May 17th. Ugh too far away!

--- Movies In A Mustache - Speaking of people making their Best of 2012 lists though, the list I look forward to perhaps the most every year is here - John Waters tells us his top 10 over at Art Forum.That's it - I've been putting off Deep Blue Sea for months now. I will watch it this week. And I'm really angry at myself for missing Compliance while it was out.

--- Critical Thinking - And here's Sight & Sound's top ten, which I could have told you would have The Master at the top before I even looked at it. If that's anybody's kind of movie, it's S&S's. (I am not saying it's not my kind of movie, mind you.) Also angry at myself for missing Berberian Sound Studio at NYFF - hope I see it soon.

--- Solid Gold - And right on time  here's our pal Joe Reid talking about the arrival of the Critics Awards for the season, and what that means, and which people or movies need the recognition the most this year to get an Oscar push.

--- Pink Lady - And as long as we're still on the subject of "Best Of"'s and end of the year awards, I adore this piece by Nathaniel at The Film Experience asking people to feel a little less tied to the conventional buzz when making their picks, since it always gets a little bit monotonous - he used Nicole Kidman's crazy brilliant work in The Paperboy as his fine example. Just because a movie on the whole isn't successful doesn't mean there are pieces therein worth rewarding.

--- Ice Crew - Haven't watched this yet but EW's got a video from the Game of Thrones folks introducing the new characters of the third season, of which undoubtedly there will be too many to ever keep track of.
--- Southern Fried Movie - People got to see Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained for the first time this weekend, and Slash says reactions seem pretty positive. Sounds as if it's heavy on the humor. Dear Quentin, I would love my chance to find out, send me a print, signed, me.

--- Old Lady Ones - Another day, another Stephen King adaptation - his short story Gramma (from his 1985 anthology Skeleton Crew) is being turned into a movie called Mercy, and it will star Chandler Riggs (the annoying kid from The Walking Dead) and Joel Courtney (the not annoying kid from Super 8). It's a story rooted in Lovecraft - two kids find out their dying grandmother's a witch and that she has ties to "The Old Ones."


BradH said...

I hated Deep Blue Sea. Two worthless people. So who cares?

Anonymous said...

ppppppppppplease start working on your end of the year awards and post them soon. i frickin love them.