Friday, December 07, 2012

Good Morning, World

(click to embiggen) A happy 37th to Mark Duplass; the shot up top is from The Puffy Chair; the shots down below are from his show The League, and I've posted some from that scene before but whatcha gonna do, it's the only naked scene of his I could find this morning (even though I'm pretty sure he's done plenty of nudity in his mumblecore movies, it's gone woefully under-documented). Who cares though - that's a bum worth giving a second look. Have any of you watched Safety Not Guaranteed? I've been meaning to for ages.


shaun said...

MD falls into that sweet spot of sexy but attainable. He is not so ridiculously good looking and chiseled that you can't imagine ever having a chance with him. That, in turn, makes him infinitely hotter in my book/imagination, where he's also gay (hey, it's my imagination!).

Anonymous said...

I have seen SNG it was just okay. It looked more like a student movie and like it was the leading lady's student movie. It didn't have much strength. I think I gave it 5/10 and that was me been nice


Will h said...

SNG is really really good. Has a lot of heart. Really snuck up on me, and I loved Aubrey Plaza in it. I think you'd like it.

Chip Chandler said...

I was really impressed by SNG. It didn't go anywhere near where I expected. (My too-brief review:

Jonathan said...

I love Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Rec! Well, the whole show is awesome. The latest episode, featuring Megan Mullally, was genius. It's such a shame the show hardly gets any awards recognition. Having said that SNG was pretty good if just ok. Mark and Aubrey did a good job with what they had to work with.