Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Tony Curran

A happy 44th birthday to the actor Tony Curran today. I know him best from Andrea Arnold's masterful 2006 film Red Road - indeed after the jump down below you will see some very very not safe for work shots of him in that movie. If only Arnold had gotten the ginger in her next film (that'd be Michael Fassbender) to go so far! 

Actually that statement's foolish for a couple of reasons - one, in Red Road, Curran is using a prosthetic apparently. And lord knows Michael Fassbender needs not a prosthetic. He is a prosthetic. And two, who the hell would complain about the gratuities that Arnold did get from Fassy in Fish Tank? Only a crazy person. 

Okay anyway back to Curran. He's been in tons of things - there are some shots from Doctor Who (he played Vincent Van Gogh!) and The Pillars of the Earth here, amongst others. Hit the jump for it all (keep in mind - NSFW!)...

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Ms Scrappy said...

What's the kilt stuff from? It looks fun.