Monday, December 03, 2012

Golden Sally

I have never wanted anything more in my life than I want the Oscar telecast to "accidentally" show Celeste Talbert's Daytime Emmys highlight reel from The Sun Also Sets instead of one of Sally Field's dramatic Lincoln scenes. "I'm guilty! Guilty of love! In the first degree!"


Anonymous said...

I like Sally Field enough but this PR-Oscar-desperate-grab she and the rest of the cast and crew of Lincoln are on really makes me sick.

joel65913 said...

Endless love for Soapdish! Agree that would be a wonderous happening to show any of her performance in her Oscar clip.

I don't agree that the PR for Lincoln is any more Oscar heavy than dozens of other films through the years. On top of which the film is a success so it would naturally get a lot of press. Would love to see DDL and Sally each pick up Oscar number three.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln is all ham and no soul. Oscar's favorite.

No one said Lincoln's PR Oscar grab was any different than any other end-of-the-year-Oscar-push type movie. Isn't it sad when a movie comes out solely to win awards?

Everyone should check out Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) instead.