Monday, December 10, 2012


... an Oscar front-runner I can get behind! Sorry for the quiet today, y'all - can you say Zero Dark Thirty screening? I just got out and I'm not going to review it just yet, but I will say this - there have been some terrific movies this year, but none of my favorites have been really figuring into the Oscar chatter, at least Best Picture-wise. I didn't like Lincoln (my review) or Silver Linings Playbook (my review) or Beasts of the Southern Wild (my review), I had troubles with Life of Pi (my review) and Argo (my review) and The Master (still waiting on a second viewing before I review it)... well thankfully Kathyn Bigelow has come and saved me from several months of total annoyance. I have somebody to root for! 

I can't actually for-see Zero Dark Thirty winning Best Picture, since Bigelow just won all those statues four years ago for another movie about our wars in the Middle East - I liked ZDT much more than I did The Hurt Locker, by the way, a film I was lukewarm at best towards - but at least a genuinely great movie's going to be there in the chatter this time. I've already been paying some attention to Oscars stuff this year (unlike last year, when I couldn't have given less of a damn) - there are good performances being talked up, despite a Best Picture line-up I haven't been too enthusiastic towards. Til now. 

Naturally, this is will curse the film. Sorry, Kathryn!

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