Friday, November 30, 2012

The Time Has Come To Scoot Yourself

I wonder if anybody ever told Scoot McNairy that "Scoot is something a dog does with its ass on a carpet, not a human person's name," or not. If so, man that person was a dick! Anyway Mr. McNairy already turned in some fine little work in Argo earlier this year, and now he's apparently turned in some more, if people are to be believed, with Killing Them Softly, the new movie from Brad Pitt and his Assassination of Jesse James director Andrew Dominik, who are totally going to the same hairdresser.

So many luscious locks, so little time! Anyway that's one of just three movies I'm mentioning in this weekend's Movie Buzz over at Celebrity Beehive; the other two are the new Universal Soldier, which I was just talking about here, and the horror flick The Collection, about which I know next to nothing save this absolutely ridiculous sentence from IMDb's description of the previous entry in the series (yes apparently this is a series of films) which makes me never want to go anywhere near it:

"The Collector resonated with its audience because in some ways it's a stripped down version of the Saw serial with fewer moral imperatives. "

Yeah my problem with the Saw movies was definitely they had too much morality. Yeesh. Alright alright I'm parsing words here - I get on the surface what is being said, and part of my problem with the Saw movies was their hypocrisy regarding their own morality. That is, they pretended to have some, any, while indulging in its squalid antithesis. So I suppose just tossing out that aspect and saying "To heck with pretending!" ought to make me step off my high horse... instead today I'm just finding it all kind of depressing.

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Adam said...

I went to a test screening of the The Collection. I liked it alot actually. It wasnt the tortue movie at all. Reminded me of early Ft13th films and the ending didnt suck. The lead isnt terrible on the eyes as well. I went back and watched The Collector and surprisingly good.