Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quote of the Day

 "Chris Hemsworth is an Australian man,
not a god from Asgaard."

-- That's Henry Cavill on why we shouldn't be weirded out
by a Brit playing the American Icon that is Superman. 
Thanks for clearing that up, pretty boy.


Anonymous said...

And what will his quote will be when they cast an American as the next James Bond or Dr Who?

John T said...

He may not be from Asgaard, but he is clearly a god.

Anonymous said...

Sean, in the case of James Bond at least, they character is actually British whereas Superman is an alien. Why didn't people complain as much when Bale was cast as Batman? Or when Garfield was cast as Spidey? What's important is how good he looks in the suit and I think we all know it will be a spectacular sight to behold.