Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Your Knees, Luke Evans

Hey look it's Noted Homosexual Luke Evans on his knees in front of another man holding a large long object that shoots stuff while it's being thrust towards his person-hood, that is something that has literally never happened to him before, huh. That is from his new thriller No One Lives, from Versus director Ryûhei Kitamura. No idea when this is getting released. Here are a couple more pictures of Luke in said movie:

Gosh it's all so sweaty and tank-topped! Oh and here below are a couple of pictures of him at some event recently that I might as well post because I was staring at them the other day and trying to figure out if that is his hand or his, uh, not-hand down there, maybe y'all can tell me. Those are some snug pants, that much is for certain.


Patricia said...

First of all, he's not 'noted'. This is a movie and it looks like he's in a scene, doing his job, with who looks to be Derek Magyar, who is NOT gay. Why would you post a comment like this about a wonderful man? Who cares if he's gay or not? That's his business! He's a lovely person and great actor.

LS Blogger said...

loved Luke Evans, I love how he's appear in all movie, don't care he's gay or not not important thing

iggy said...

Sense of humour? Where are you?

As a gay man, for me a celebrity gayness is worth mentioning when said celebrity comes out and then, years later for better career opportunities denies it. I don't care to know who's gay or who isn't (I mean it, I just learned Penny and Garry Marshall are brother and sister. That gives you an idea of how much into other people's personal lives I'm). So, you, Luke Evans, don't need to tell me. But if you say one thing now and a completely different thing later, you're just cheating. It's not about gayness anymore, it's about cheating

iggy said...

Now I think about it, it's also still about gayness. About sending the wrong message that coming out -and so, gayness in the end- is bad. Bad for work, bad for business, something that has be confined to the limits of the bedroom. Ugh

/end of rant. Sorry, but I needed it.

Matt said...

It's the fact that he seemingly brushed his homosexuality under the rug now that he's become more famous. It sends an awful message.