Friday, November 09, 2012

In The Cities, The Zombies

Okay wowza have you guys watched the trailer for World War Z yet? Thanks to Nat for pointing it out to me; head over to TFE to see his "Yes No Maybe So" on the trailer. I am a yes and have always been a yes - I mean, it is a zombie movie, I dug the book well enough, it has Brad Pitt. I really never had a choice, they have had my money for awhile. The trailer has wiped away some of the concerns I'd had though, what with the word that they were basically ignoring what made the book unique for a standard zombie apocalypse storyline, as well as all the bad buzz surrounding the thing behind-the-scenes, and it did so with those visuals of terrifying crushing waves of zombies. So scary!

It's still ever so slightly too CG-ish, but it looks like they're heading in the right direction, and with some tweaks it will blow away similar shots in say I Am Legend which were flat out embarrassing.

But what it most brings to mind is - we have the technology to make my most favorite of Clive Barker's stories, the one in his Books of Blood called "In the Hills, The Cities" happen now, for real. I must have that. I know it's the story's gay stuff that's probably the biggest hurdle at this point, so... well, hopefully my plea won't backfire with them ironing the queer out or anything.


Mike z said...

The zombies in this movie seem weightless despite climbing and falling all over each other. When has CG ever been scary?

Will h said...

Well you have fun. I saw the last Marc Forster action movie, so I'm good.

@mike z Very rarely is the answer to your question.