Monday, November 19, 2012

I Am Link

--- Flop Proof - Slash rounded up some interesting quotes from Quentin Tarantino about the shake-up he went through after Grindhouse flopped; I'll never get why people didn't go see that full experience for themselves, it was such a blast. And I love Death Proof so. I know he took Jackie Brown's bad box office really personally too; he's such a delicate flower.

--- And Speaking of QT, a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes shots from Kill Bill Vol. 2 just got released, see them over here. There's a big box-set of his movies coming out tomorrow, dontcha know. I want it! Somebody buy it for me, please. Right here's a link, where you can buy it for me. Awesome!

--- Gals With Guns - I haven't watched the just-released trailer for this yet but in theory a buddy cop comedy called The Heat starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock and directed by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig ought to be a home-run, right?

--- Scaredy Pants - I posted the first picture from James Wan's The Conjuring the other day; it was of Vera Farmiga and an extraordinarily frilly collar. EW has a second picture and on top of there being more of Vera in her extraordinarily frilly collar there's also a glimpse at Patrick Wilson in what could be a snug suit. So you know, it has everything.

--- Double Zero - Nat takes a look at the surprising history with James Bond and the Oscars - the film's have never been magnets for statues, not even the songs. Eh, the Oscars are always getting most everything wrong. I can't foresee Skyfall doing poorly at our Golden Trousers awards in the Spring, at least! Lucky them.

--- Mother Abigail Calling - Ben Affleck is still thinking about making a movie out of Stephen King's The Stand, but he and his writer are having a rough go of it apparently.

--- Droog Dump - I guess there's a Stanley Kubrick exhibit at a museum in Los Angeles right now, and STYD shares a bunch of pictures from it. Creepy Milk Table Lady!

--- Gosling Forgiven - The Playlist has some new pictures from new pictures that are very exciting; right here you can see a new shot of Matt Damon in Elysium, director Neil Blomkamp's taking-forever follow-up to District 9. And that to the left there is a promo shot of a battered-to-hell Ryan Gosling in his re-team with Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn's next flick called Only God Forgives.

--- Honk Honk - Dunno if you guys remember that creepy fake trailer for a movie about a dad who puts on a clown costume and then cannot take it off because it is cursed and evil, but it was announced awhile back that Eli Roth was producing a real full-length movie version; now a cast is assembling, including Peter Stomare as an "expert in clown lore." Ha! Love it.

--- Final Flicker - David R. Ellis, whose horror movies are always a treat (Final Destination 2 y'all), has signed up to make a horror movie called Sprawl, about which we know nothing so far but its title. Maybe it's really Final Destination 6 and they're just pretending it isn't. To Trick us. You won't fool me, jerks! I got your number.

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