Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Good Morning, World

Today would've been the 63rd birthday of the actor Brad Davis. I try to celebrate him every year at this time, although what with him dead 21 years I'm astonished I was able to find some new to post at this point. These shots are from the 1980 film A Small Circle of Friends, which is about social unrest at Harvard during the 1960s. I haven't seen it but Brad plays a character named "Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo" for some godforsaken reason. Anyway hit the jump for a couple more, definitely worth your time if you're a fan...


Anonymous said...

A dfinite fan, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Sad to find out about his death. Just watched Midnight Express for the first time. I guess it was too violent for me as a teen.
Anyway a sad loss to a beautifull looking man.