Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good Morning, World

I'd like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Dave Annable for not watching 666 Park Avenue and therefore personally insuring its cancellation and his momentary unemployment - I watched about five minutes of it and I immediately slipped into a coma, and by the time I was awakened it was too late to save you. My apologies. 

 Same goes for you, Scott Speedman!
Last Resort was an apt title, though.

 Oh and Partners! I never knew thee.
Because you kept Brandon Routh clothed the whole time.


Anonymous said...

Partners did get Brandon Routh into a sleeveless shirt in it's last episode and it was quite fine.

Yeah, 666 Park Ave. was the biggest disappointment of the fall. After the violence and gore of Walking Dead and the over the top crazy shit on American Horror Story, a horror show on network TV just comes out looking like a Disney Halloween special.

zyzzyva said...

I watched the first episode of 666, then left subsequent episodes to languish in the depths of the TiVo. Finally caught up with all of them in a big chunk and found it fairly entertaining that way. However, one of its main motifs is my most hated: character is actually aware of/on to the strange goings-on and is treated as crazy by everyone else until it's TOO LATE! argh. I've made the boyfriend promise that if I ever see ghosts he's honor bound to believe me.

I know Partners has received much hate and/or indifference, but it did make me laugh. I love Routh's ex-Mennonite gay straight-man. His biceps in the above mentioned scene were literally bigger than his head. O_o