Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Death Proof (2007)

Jungle Julia: Okay, we're pretty clear
on what it is you didn't do.
How bout' enlightening us on what it is you did do?
Arlene: Nothing to write home about.
We just made out on the couch for about twenty minutes.
Shanna: Dressed, half dressed, or naked?
Arlene: Dressed! I said we made out. We didn't do "the thing".
Jungle Julia: Excuse me for living, but what is "the thing"?
Arlene: You know, it's everything but.
Shanna: They call that "the thing"?
Arlene: I call it "the thing".
Shanna: Do guys like "the thing"?
Arlene: They like it better than no thing. 

This is so weird - this movie popped into my head yesterday when I saw this picture of Michael Fassbender in Austin. Why did that picture make me think of Death Proof? I am glad you asked. See, when I visited Austin a couple of years ago for Halloween I ate at that same restaurant that Fassy's sitting at; I immediately recognized it. And you see, when I was in Austin I also made sure to visit several of the locations from Death Proof, since that's where it was filmed. 

Hence that thought process. Where it starts getting weird is then today within the past five minutes I've read how Quentin Tarantino's floating the idea of retirement and seen that it is Sydney Tamiaa "Jungle Julia" Poiter's birthday today. Everything's coming up this movie! Obviously I will be run down by a man in an Icy Hot jacket tonight - this is the only logical conclusion.

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