Friday, November 02, 2012

Denzel In The Sky With Bourbon

What's y'all's take on Denzel Washington? Once upon a time in the 90s I liked him just fine - he was, to be sure, quite fine - but sometime thereafter our love affair soured. You could actually say something similar about the director Robert Zemeckis - his preoccupation with all his dead-eyed CG atrocities is what turned me off there. So I want to be excited about Flight but I'm having some trouble. I love a good plane crash drama - maybe I'll just rewatch Peter Weir's masterpiece Fearless and be done with it. Fearless, y'all.

Rosie Perez was robbed. Oscar-wise. Anyway for my take on all the movies out this weekend, hit up my piece at Celebrity Beehive. Vamps, that vampire comedy from Amy Heckerling that I saw ages and ages ago and absolutely hated (my review) is apparently out this weekend too. You should probably donate the money you'd spend on those tickets to the Red Cross instead, is my point. Ugh that movie.


joel65913 said...

I've never understood all the crazy worship for Denzel to me he gives a similar performance in every film. If he's part of an ensemble like he was in Inside Man he can be enjoyable but if he's the whole show I take a pass. It's frustrating that he continues to get leading roles especially when high quality actors like Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor are passed over in favor of him and his dour sameness.
I would have definitely had Flight on my must see list being a big disaster movie fan if it were not for him but now I'll probably take a pass.

Anonymous said...

At this point, Denzel reminds me of Harrison Ford. He doesn't really have a range of emotion beyond grumpy. Maybe that's all that the scripts demand, but still.

Fearless is so gripping. Both Rosie Perez and Jeff Bridges were robbed. In general, I think Peter Weir is underrated as a director.

dk468 said...

"....our love affair soured..."

He doesn't support SSM and had the nerve to say so in Time magazine last mo.. ! So screw him!

Anonymous said...

I can say without a bit of doubt, his performance in Flight ranks among the best I have seen this year and going all the way back to Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood.

Simply saying it is great seems to under sell the man.