Friday, October 05, 2012

The Impossible Made Flesh

Don't ever say I don't make terrible terrible sacrifices for you people! I just spent twenty minutes scouring through all of the pictures I've ever posted of Daniel Craig, about one hundred and fifty posts worth, to see if it were true, that could have possibly stumbled upon new pictures of him in his little blue swim-trunks in Casino Royale that I had somehow never posted before. Such hard work it was! 

Anyway out of all the time I've posted shots from this, see here and see here and see here and see here, I have never posted this lot. (via) Insanity. What with the big man hosting SNL tomorrow I can't really think of a nicer way to go into it. Hit the jump for 10 more.


John said...

JA, thanks for that. Maybe you should take a nap after all that work :)

Ixelles said...

Excellent, excellent work.

I do like a man in baby blue (see also Aaron Johnson in Anna Karenina, although he is regrettable much more covered up - damn you Russian winters!)

shallowgal said...

what a MAN!!!!