Friday, October 19, 2012

The 13 Whores of Halloween

"Show us the goods. 
Gotta keep the customers satisfied. 
You understand what's at stake here?"
-- Sitterson, The Cabin in the Woods  .

"You are a whore, darlin'. We all are.
We take the cash, we cash the check, 
we show 'em what they wanna see."
-- Cristal Connors, Showgirls

Four years ago MNPP celebrated the All Hallows with a look at thirty-one of our favorite horror movie virgins... well we're feeling randier this time around, so this year we're going to give some love to some of our favorite, uh, not virgins. It's more in line with our interests around here anyway, wouldn't you say? So over the next 13 days that is what we will do. Now mind you these aren't going to be in any specific order, and they aren't my picks for the 13 absolute greatest horror movie sluts of all time (although some of them surely are). They're just 13 trollops I feel like giving some love to this year.

So give it up for the whores!
They'd give it up for you!

Guy (John Cassavetes), Rosemary's Baby 
"It was kinda fun in a necrophile sort of way." 

A note: I wanted to start right off with a man-type whore to try and immediately off-set any misogyny that the word "whore" brings to mind. There are all kinds of whores - perhaps the fun slutty ones we love and adore and emulate, or perhaps the types like this that we love to hate and hopefully do not so much try to emulate. Guy renting out his wife's womb to the devil himself for a part in a play (poor Donald Baumgart!) strikes me as a bargain of the most monstrous sort of whorishness. And for what? A little bit of money? And here ya are and it's a beautiful day...

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Anonymous said...

What a glorious whore!

Exciting idea! Really looking forward to seeing the other whores.