Friday, October 19, 2012

Noah & Brian, Best Friends Forever

I was just going through my camera's contents (on the way to eventually doing the rest of my so-long-overdue-as-to-be-rendered-pointless New York Comic Con report, dontcha know) and saw these pictures and realized that I never posted anything about the chat that directors Brian DePalma and Noah Baumbach has during the New York Film Festival approximately one hundred thousand days ago. I'm so far behind. 

Anyway I saw DePalma twice at the fest - at this, and the night before for the screening of his new flick Passion, which you may recall that, feat of feats, I actually did get around to reviewing. As expected by their seemingly discordant filmographies, most of the night was spent discussing why the hell they were sitting there beside each other - what could Brian DePalma and Noah Baumbach possibly have in common? I think they hit the nail on the head in the first few minutes when DePalma said, "Well, we both love beautiful women." Beautiful complicated women. In real life comes another answer though - DePalma apparently plays mentor to Baumbach and Wes Anderson and Jake Paltrow. I would like to sit at those lunches. (Especially if Jake's sister caters.)

By the way, my love for Baumbach's latest flick Frances Ha has only grown stronger with time, and if you remember how head over heels I was in my review then you know that's a lot of something.

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