Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Rendezvous With Bond

I haven't had a chance to yet but just in case you were worried (I know it keeps y'all up at night) let it be known: I will definitely be watching my first James Bond movie that doesn't star Daniel Craig this weekend at the latest. I have Dr. No sitting at home staring at me, and I will make the leap at last. The time seems right. (Well past due, really.) And yeah this is all really just an excuse to post that picture of Sean Connery - what of it?


psychdoc said...

Goldfinger is a classic too!

Anonymous said...

Sexiest guy ever.

From Russia with Love is my favourite.

mangrove said...

For extra long Connery beefcakery, Thunderball is where it's at : I swear he's in his trunks and nothing else for a good third of the movie.

shaun said...

Dear god, that is some picture!

Miss Vagina McSnatch said...

Wow, a teenage boy who grew up not having experienced the awe and trepidation of watching Grace Jones hurl Roger Moore through the air is truly one of the saddest things I've ever heard of.

What, were you too busy watching Dynasty and wearing your VHS copy of Steel Magnolias through? ;)