Monday, October 15, 2012

MNPP Does NYCC 2012: Pt. 1

In case you haven't been anywhere else movie (or anything else) related on the internet in the past couple of days, I am here to tell you that New York Comic Con happened. It was their sixth year I believe, and it's either my third or fourth time going, I'm not sure. 

I thought it was my fourth but I only found posts here for 2010's Con and for 2011's Con, so what do I know. Maybe I was counting that time I went to San Diego a thousand years ago. (X-Men 2 was the big movie, and I shook James Cameron's hand, being the main things I remember from that.)

So I ended up wandering around the floor for two straight days, numb with awe at the avalanche of awesome geekery, per the usual routine. Well I wandered around save that six hour stretch I spent on Saturday hunkered down in the IGN Theater where they give all their big movie presentations, that is; we'll get to that later. First off I figured I'd share an assortment of pictures I took from the floor. 

So hit the jump and you'll get a look at a whole bunch more - everything from marauding packs of superheroes mingling willy-nilly with their nemeses, to undead plumbers and beyond!

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