Thursday, October 04, 2012

I Am Link

--- True Love - Today's movie for Final Girl's Shocktober fest is Takashi Miike's mortifying masterpiece Audition, and Stacie gathered up an awesomely bizarre collection of fan-art inspired by the movie.

--- Prez Sez - I guess they aired a new teaser to Steven Spielberg's film Lincoln after the debate last night, which seems a little obnoxious to me (conflating real life important junk so blatantly with Oscar bait) but whatever, that's the world we live in. Anyway rumor is that NYFF is showing Lincoln as their surprise movie this Monday and I do believe if all goes to plan I will be going, so stay tuned for days full of me being stressed about not writing that review!

--- All About Amos - Have you been reading all the pieces on Tori Amos over at PopMatters this week in anticipation of her new album Gold Dust, which reimagines her standards with an orchestra? You should be, because Matt & Co. are doing the lord's work.

--- But back to speaking about being lazy about writing reviews - I hope I'll find the time but I'm on allergy medication today so who knows where my brain's gonna take me, so if I happen to not get around to reviewing The Paperboy before it's out in theaters tomorrow you could just go read the review at Salon and get a lot of the gist of my opinion upon it. Even the part about Zac's underpants! (Seriously, Zac is in tighty-whities at least fifty percent of the time he's on-screen, that is not an exaggeration.)

--- And speaking of Nicole, I thought I'd posted the first look at Nicole Kidman in character as Grace Kelly over at The Film Experience but the commentors are telling me it's just a shot from a recent photo-shoot. Still, it's Grace-ish.

--- And yet still speaking of Nicole, last night was the gala honoring her at the New York Film Festival and I didn't go - it was too expensive and I already saw The Paperboy - but apparently they showed a clip from Stoker, and The Playlist has the details. It was the scene where the trailer's killer opening lines comes from.

--- Instant Gratification - David Fincher's House of Cards, an adaptation of a British series, will be exclusively released on Netflix Instant on February 1st. I do believe their model will be just to plunk down all the episodes for watching at one time, too. It stars Kevin Spacey.

--- Man Fest - It's been confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal will be starring opposite Hugh Jackman in Prisoners from his An Enemy director Dennis Villeneuve, which had been rumored last week. I will probably faint if they touch.

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