Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I Am Link

--- Hi Oh Silver - The trailer for the big-budget Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp in war-paint and turquoise jewelry beside the ever handsome ever tall forever after Armie Hammer in spurs can be seen right here. I haven't watched it yet so y'all tell me if there's a scene where he plunks down all six-foot-forever of himself in one of those teensy little cowboy tubs, okay? That's all this movie is in my head, even if it never happens. Oh and here's the movie's poster.

--- Munster Hospital - In light of the blazing panic we all felt course through our deepest places at the hands of that lousy lie-plagued rumor about Mockingbird Lane's sudden demise, Michael over at wrote up a terrific piece on why we need The Munsters now more than ever.

--- Stone To Signal - I hope you're keeping up with Glenn's "31 Horrors" series at Stale Popcorn for this the spookiest month, he's made some interesting choices so far, like The Stone Tape which I've been meaning to see for a long time, and The Signal, which I liked a lot. (Bonus: gratuitous shot of Justin Welborn's behind.)

--- Start Leaking - Bill Condon (man I need to watch Gods and Monsters again soon) wants to make a movie about Wikileaks figure-head Julian Assange and Benedict Cumberbatch might play him. Joel Kinnaman, pictured right, would also be in it as Assange's right hand man. I think I would watch that.

--- Whither Witch - Nat takes on the upcoming movie version of Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods, and before you do a double-take yes I'm mentioning a musical, but even though I've never seen it I've always wanted to see ITW for some reason; I tried to get tickets online all Summer long to the Amy Adams version in Central Park but never won. I guess the movie with Meryl will have to be my first exposure.

--- Dead Children - I'm terribly upset I missed ParaNorman in theaters, I really wanted to see it. It comes out on DVD on November 27th so I suppose that will be our time to rendezvous then.


Glenn said...

He's some dude called Justin Welborn. I'd never heard of him, but he sure looks nice.

Jason Adams said...

Oh crap I left that question mark as a place-holder and meant to look up his name before posting and then obviously forgot. Fixed it! But yes, looks nice.

Celendra said...

There is no good to be had in that Lone Ranger trailer. Your imagination is a far better place.