Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Am Link

--- Shop Til You Drop Dead - Stale Popcorn's 31 Horrors series keeps on keeping with a look at the 1986 horror flick Chopping Mall, which was one of those movies whose poster I was gleefully aware of well before seeing the film itself. Glenn rightfully loves the "robots run amok" flick, and also gratuitizes a studly sequence I always meant to but never did, so gotta get it.

--- Psycho Speaks - Here's an interview with writer-director Martin McDonagh, who gave the world In Bruges and is therefore forever infallible. Or you know at least until we see how his next movie is. Which is out this weekend! Seven Psychopaths opens on Friday. 

--- Freakin' Fassy - There are a lot more shots of Michael Fassbender on the set of Terrence Malick's new movie now, you can see them over here. Plus "Framed Freak The Lazardman" has also joined the cast and yup there he is standing beside Fassy and Natalie Portman.

--- Tricera-Man - Back in the day I railed against the silly notion of dinosaurs with guns that was the proposed idea behind John Sayles' script for a 4th Jurassic Park movie, but now that there's concept art I'm having second thoughts. It's not that the concept art is great, it's still kind of silly. But I don't think I realized the script was about mingling human DNA with dinos, which actually isn't totally off-base a concept. Anyway we'll never know now.

--- Dirty Blonde - Uma Thurman, who could use something good on her resume, or at least something I have any interest in seeing on her resume, has just joined the cast of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, and I will see that, and judging by Lars' output it will also be good, so good for her then. Hopefully she doesn't have to have to go anywhere near Shia's penis though.

--- Man of War - AICN has a few more shots of Joel Kinnaman in the Robocop suit, and you can see Joel's face pretty clearly this time. I know a lot of nerds freaked out about the suit but I really don't think it's that bad.

--- Hotel Guests - Boo I was super excited that Angela Lansbury was going to be in Wes Anderson's next movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, but she's stuck doing Driving Miss Daisy on stage (ugh) and won't be able to be in it after all. That blows. In better news, Ralph Fiennes has joined the movie.

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Scot said...

Go to Stale Popcord and read my comment about Chopping Mall. You gotta see it. John Terlesky YUM!