Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gratuitous Tom Sturridge

So this is the guy Sienna Miller settled on? (Yes, the word "settled" loses its meaning in this context.) I suppose Jude wasn't that big of a loss then. Tom Sturridge is twenty-six, four years her junior and thirteen years Jude's. Something tells me Sienna needs the stamina of a younger man to keep up with her. Bless her.

So I haven't ever seen Sturridge in anything, but I was looking up Garrett Hedlund in On the Road and discovered that Garrett and Tom press their lips together in this film on more than one occassion. One:

Maybe more, I haven't seen the film. But that was plenty enough to guarantee Tom a post of his own. Hit the jump for 33 more pics.



bcarter3 said...

First saw him as the son in Annette Benning's Being Julia. It was a small part, but memorable.

And them he dazzled me in the 2005 BBC production A Waste of Shame, which was sort of a dark version of Shakespeare in Love. Sturridge played the beautiful young man who was "Mr. W.H." to Rupert Graves' Shakespeare. He glowed.

I had high hopes for Toni Collette's Murderous Intent, where he and Eddie Redmayne-- another of my favorite young British actors of the '00s--played schoolboys in a bizarre and ultimately fatal relationship. Unfortunately, the movie relentlessly ignored any possible gay subtext.

Roark said...

he's pretty sweet (and briefly naked!) in pirate radio, too.

Kokolo said...

I don't remember that scene :O

Anonymous said...

that kiss scene isn't in the film. I watched it last night and it was cut. fyi...