Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Got Wood, Wolverine

Hey y'all Happy Halloween! How is everybody doing? I hope the storm and its aftermath hasn't been too terrible for any of you guys and/or gals. All's fine at my end of Manhattan... the other end notsomuch from what I hear. (If you can throw some cash at the Red Cross.) Indeed due to downtown's troubles I've been cooped up at home (there's no electricity at my office), hence the blog silence. I've just been watching movies and junk. I'm making my first real out-of-doors foray (the local Dunkin' Donuts doesn't count) tonight to see the remake of Maniac way downtown from where I am.

I know there's tons and tons of news for me to catch up on - if I'm stuck at home another day I'll try my hands at blogging a little bit from here, but it might maintain semi-quietude around here for a bit until things start clicking back into place. If you're positively desperate for me though (don't say otherwise, please, I am fragile) you can read something by me over at The Film Experience where I wrote up a piece about Piper Laurie's performance in Carrie for Nat's Oscar Horrors series. Dirty pillows!

And hey look at this brand new shot of Hugh Jackman and his muscles in The Wolverine (via)! That sure is something, eh?

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