Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Good Morning, World

Apparently actress Krysten Ritter posted this picture of herself taking a mid-day nap with her topless boyfriend the actor and gratuity-recipient Brian Geraghty online on Sunday. This almost makes up for Vamps, Krysten! (Ugh Vamps.) If you'd only let us know if he were bottomless as well...

And as long as we're speaking Geraghty and since I've been lousy this week about reviewing things let me say I watched the horror flick ATM this weekend - it stars Geraghty and Josh Peck and Alice Eve as a trio of young people who get stuck inside an ATM booth by a psycho waiting for them outside - and while the director wrung some tension from the situation, and Geraghty and Eve were likeable (Peck notsomuch), it never really overcame the feeling that this was a situation they could have gotten out of pretty easily a dozen times over. It rang false, and so the whole foundation was slipping slipping away and every scene felt like a mad dash to try to shore up its own inherent illogic. And reminding me of Frozen is never a good idea...

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