Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Morning, Ryan Reynolds

I've been posting gratuitous pictures of Ryan Reynolds for so long and so thoroughly that I'm uncertain I haven't posted some of these before, but I think these are ones I've skipped over somehow. It's Ryan's 36th birthday today - can you believe he didn't make it into that list of our picks for a Magic Mike 2 cast that I just posted yesterday? He did get votes, but not enough to make the top 15. With a body like that, something's gone wrong with your career Ryan, if you can't make such a list! It's okay, you can come cry on my shoulder, or thereabouts.

He's got several projects lined up - a Highlander reboot? Another swipe at Deadpool? - but the only one that sounds all that interesting to me is his movie with Atom Egoyan, on the basis of it being Atom Egoyan alone. I guess we'll see. Until then, hit the jump...


Sean said...

What movie is that from where he is being serviced? Just curious? Thanks.

Jason Adams said...

It's from The Nines