Thursday, October 04, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Jayson Blair

I feel like I am most definitely late to this party, seeing how many pictures there are out there for me to post. I guess every time I previously saw Jayson Blair's name I just figured they were talking about that fradulent reporter and I cringed and looked away? 

What a mistake! 

Also I only caught part of the first episode of The New Normal and I thought it was alright but I guess I missed the part he was in, otherwise I would have been paying better attention. I digress.

Jayson Blair, pleased to meetcha!

He's not playing gay on TNN but he did already garner some gay action when he was on that show The Hard Times of RJ Berger, which I'd heard good stuff about. 

You can see all that (including video!) plus about fifty more pictures after the jump! I think I'm in love.


dk468 said...

Why did you mix that Brazilian model's photos in there? Heehee...I like him too!

Jason Adams said...

Whoops! Somebody had labelled those pics as him and I thought he looked really different in them but I was just chalking it up to the scruff and the black and white and OBVIOUSLY I WAS A FOOL. ;) I fixed it.

-carywd said...

he plays stupid real good but i think he is not long for the show based on the current storyline- too bad

Anonymous said...

The man is outstandingly handsome! Count me a member of his fan club. Aggressive shower scenes above sold me.