Monday, October 15, 2012

Creepy Chloe...?

I'll have more to say about this tomorrow when I get around to writing up my thoughts on the movie panels I saw at Comic Con this weekend, including the one for this here Carrie remake and the Evil Dead remake and so on. But for now here's the teaser they showed us, since it is now newly online (via). I need you to tell me something...
... is it just me and my inextinguishable bias against Moretz, or is the look on her face at the end of this trailer that's supposed to get our "Whoa!" just... kinda dumb? I think it's probably just me - everybody at Comic Con seemed to like it. The moderator exclaimed how "scary" she seemed. It's just... she totally made me think of this immortal picture, and that was before Glenn posted it again today. I just don't find it convincing. Again this is just a single shot so who knows. Tell me what you think though, I'm sure I'm being the usual Moretz-grump.

For the record, even though I feel this way about this, Julianne Moore and Kimberly Pierce were both very smart on how they sold everything about the film at the Comic Con panel. But like I said I'll get into that tomorrow. For now, judge her!


remy said...

I was there!
Julianne and Kimberly are lovely and almost conviced me that a Carrie remake might be a good thing, but I just don't buy Chloe.

Prospero said...

The trailer seems like it relies on King's novel much more than the DePalma version.

shags said...

I'm more irked by the poster. She looks too seductive.

Scot said...

I think we can file this in the "ANOTHER MOVIE REMAKE THAT DIDN'T NEED TO BE REMADE" bin.
Is this the third or fourth Carrie?
As much as I like Julianne Moore, I think I'll skip this one.

James T said...

"She wasn't some monster. She was just a girl" - No one about Moretz

Jee Jay said...

presenting Nuclear Carrie!

when she gets mad say goodbye to several adjoining states!!

if there is anything compelling about Moretz it's probably just because she is the only actual 'thing' photographed in a sea of lightweight CGI images.
I suppose this movie will be another festival of empty greenscreen.

Anonymous said...

I'll watch for Moore, that's it.

homeslaughter said...

I too have a huge bias against Cloe, but the look wasn't bad. Didn't spook me but did have a scared teenager look.

Jay said...

I do like that it seems Carrie does a lot more catastrophic damage. But the '76 movie was made on a tight budget and, of course, didn't have the advantages modern film makers have today. I love the 70's movie to pieces, but I do sometimes wish Carrie had done more. It's not a fault, but I think it would have been the icing.

I can't help but think that Chloe is going to ham up this role. I just don't see her giving convincing frailty. I still say they should have done what they could to get Saoirse Ronan for this. And maybe given Chloe one of the bitchy girl roles.