Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Breaking Away With Hart Bochner

Hart Bochner, who's turning 56 years old today, is one of those studs of yore that it's become a pain to find new ways of exploiting since their stud days are mostly behind them and the good stuff can be difficult to uncover due to the ravages of time and its oft terrible forgettableness. Now when he's remembered - and we try to keep the flame alive but it's an uphill battle - it's usually as the sexy dude-in-distress in Supergirl or as the sexy dude doing the distressing to a closeted Colin Firth in the terrific but under-seen 1988 thriller Apartment Zero, or as the coked-up prick in Die Hard.

(He has done a little acting recently, like still being totally hot just a few years ago on The Starter Wife.) Anyway the point is there are probably lots of secret little treasures exploiting him in his youth that I have yet to discover, like this here - the 1979 teenage cycling romp Breaking Away, in which Hart plays the rich kid prick who wears pink polos and is generally that wonderful 80s stereotype of, well, the rich kid prick who wears pink polos.

He's not in the movie very much but he does get to wear a red speedo while racing Dennis Quaid (himself in barely there cut-off jean shorts)...

... in one scene, so that's worth our time, no? Hit the jump for a few caps from all around the movie.


gregory brown said...

BREAKING AWAY and APARTMENT ZERO are both fantastic movies for reasons in addition to seeing HB.

The former is sweet without being sickly. It shows loving, sexually compatible, competent parents with a lovably eccentric son. And--really amazing--it tells the story without resorting to obscenity, profanity or vulgarity. I was amazed at that when I saw it again a couple years ago.

DuchessKitty said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting something about Hart Bochner. I've been obsessed with him forever; all the way back to 1984 where he played the lead, Jake Barnes, in the tv movie adaptation of Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises".
In 1988, when I was a college freshman and Hart was just starting his hot streak that lasted until about 1991, my university held one of the international premiers for "Apartment Zero". I was one of the student volunteers and I got to meet both Bochner and Colin Firth.
I thought that I was so cool because I was the only volunteer who knew who either of them were, and I got to sound very "intellectual" discussing Firth's role in Another Country and Hart Bochner's experience filming in Spain.
I lived off that night for years in my fantasy bank!
Anyway, my love for Hart Bochner has never waned, through the heyday years of the late 1980s in high-profile miniseries like "War & Rememberance" through the lean years ("Urban Legends: Final Cut" anyone?).
He's going to be on the mid-season replacement tv show "Scruples" in a few months, which I'm super excited about, although he plays Ellis Ikehorn, and unless they're radically changing the story from the novel, that means he won't be on for more than a couple of episodes. Oh well!

John said...

I remember him in Die Hard, he liked coke and he was kissing up to the terrorist and he got killed. That seems so long ago now.

Sean T. Collins said...

Jason...bubbe...he's your white knight.

iggy said...

Good lord, your encyclopedic knowledge of hot dudes, regardless of age, country, etc., always amazes me. I had never heard of this guy. I wonder if any of them has ever found himself right here when googling themselves.

Jason Adams said...

iggy - one of the hot guys from the Friday the 13th movies did, and commented, which was awesome! Otherwise who knows, but we can dream.

Anonymous said...

In Apartament Zero he was absolutely Ultimate Male Speciman. Btw, great performance.
And he is still HOT.


scace said...

Eight Years before Apartment Zero, Bochner was in a delicious homoerotic teen slasher film called Terror Train. I've never understood why a sequel to this film wasn't made, given the flood of horror films generated at the time. Bochner played bad boy frat bro Doc, who's best friend was rich boy Timothy Webber as Mo. Doc convinces Mo to finance a fabulous frat party on a train (conducted by Ben Johnson). David Copperfield was hired as the entertainment, whose lovely assistant was a guy in drag. Bochner was beginning his physical peak - an incredible period of hotness that has lasted for decades. Once the slashing commenced, Doc's adorably devilish bravado ceased. When he finds Mo murdered, Bochner gave an incredibly touching grief filled response. The only aspect of the film I found annoying was Jamie Lee Curtis' perpetual screaming. Two years after the original Halloween, Curtis had sharpened her screams to a fever pitch!