Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bend It Like Bana

(click to embiggen) I considered photo-shopping all those distracting words off of Eric's midsection there (something about Tom Cruise being a serial killer?) but I figured I'd mess up the shapeliness of his Bana-ness under that tee and that'd be a loss too great to bear. I did manage to find the picture without the type...

... but as you see, it's cropped ever so slightly north of the shot with the type, and that is a loss too great to bear. God he's despicably perfect, isn't he?

Anyway here's the deal - I'm offline for the next four days. I'll be back Monday; in the meantime you'll continue getting your daily fix of All Hallows harlots, no worries. And if you're celebrating Halloween this weekend, have a ghoulishly grand time!

1 comment:

John said...

I'm not crazy about Eric Bana but I do like the 1st 2 pictures of him trying on that jacket, but it is called gratuitous isn't it?