Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Barbeau's Revenge

This is one of those moments when I briefly consider that the universe is doling out personalized gifts for something I did in a past life and then I remember oh wait I don't believe any of that jazz but all the same, wowza! Via TV Line:

"Now we know where Revenge‘s Victoria got those cheekbones (and a few other assets) from. The ABC drama has cast ’70s sex symbol and Maude alum Adrienne Barbeau as Victoria’s mother, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

The voluptuous veteran actress, who portrayed Maude’s daughter Carol on the groundbreaking sitcom, will play Mama Harper – ”somebody who knows how to use people,” Revenge executive producer Mike Kelley tells TVLine. “She taught Victoria what it takes to survive with very little, with your wit and your looks, really.”
First things, the second season of Revenge has been wonderful already, hasn't it? I was cackling like a loon watching it the other night. It's one of those shows that every time a commercial break I am convinced the hour's already passed, so much has already happened, and I look at the clock and there's still twenty more minutes - twenty more delicious minutes! And now this! Adrienne Barbeau! Be still my heart, or you know, my heaving chestal region, in honor of her.

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StinkyLulu said...


I often ruminate on the prospect of 'Revenge' bringing all the alumna of 'ShortCuts' - first, Stowe and, now, JJL. I keep hoping to see an announcement that Andie MacDowell or Lily Taylor will be in the next episode!