Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adam Levine Horror Story

I've been actively avoiding all of the promo stuff for American Horror Story's second season for a bit now because I didn't want to know as much as they were letting me know. All of that just went out of the window though when the prospect of maybe seeing some Adam Levine skin (a shameful crush that refuses to die) manifested itself, so I watched the first five minutes of the first episode, which just showed up online. Alas there's not much to see sexy-wise save some finger-spitting and vaguely present thrusting, a little just outta-sight oral, nothing he couldn't work into one of is music videos really; definitely nothing as delightful as Dylan McDermott's towel. You can click the first link if you want the full five minutes though.


1 comment:

Sean said...

Man, I hope he gets killed in the first episode. That is all his ego needs, an acting career on top of his "singing" career. Gag. As eye candy goes, can't complain there.