Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nobody Puts Jakey In The Corner!

(pics via) God he looks whooped in that picture. Hard living. It's what he gets - I'd come over and massage his temples any time, but he never calls. Anyway Jake's on my mind after reading this piece about how Taylor Swift's new song is supposedly about him - I haven't heard said song and if all goes according to plan I can make it through my entire life without hearing said song, so I have no idea. 

But I do know one thing - I'm seeing him on stage in less than a month! I'll ask him about the song when I confront him backstage about the no calling thing, don't worry. Here are a couple pics from the show:


Anonymous said...

I saw him last week and it was excellent. His role is that of a wanker - yes he's british as is the rest of the cast. There are only 4 actors and the show is 90 minutes long with on intermission.

Jonathan said...

Do yourself a favor and try to avoid it. The damn song is catchy, I'll give her that (or whoever produced it.) However, the lyrics leave something to be desired. They read as if they've been written by a thirteen-year old.

das buut said...

Oh, I love this new werewolf Jake. I don't care for men with facial hair, yet, something about this makes me feel like Eartha Kitt. Gggrrrr-oowwww! The publicity shots make him look like shit. It's those stage photos that are enough to make me howl.

Scot said...

OK, I followed the link and watched the video and I really want to know - is her wallpaper really blue cable knit sweater?
That was the only thing I found interesting about it.

Anonymous said...

Whatta power bottom