Friday, September 07, 2012

Make Me a "B-Face"

If Bridesmaids is the happy drunk at the wedding who tries to get the DJ to play "Celebration" three times in a row, then Bachelorette is her coked-up cousin who storms out onto the dance-floor and kicks her in the shins and screams for her to give it a fucking rest. I love both of these ladies, but I want Bachelorette as my date. Since the flick's been on demand I've already seen it three times, but now it's out in theaters and I'd really like it to make some money, so y'all go see it please. Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson! Plus we get to see James Marsden without any pants on, and Andrew Rannells strips! Simply put, you cannot go wrong.

For some more thoughts on Bachelorette as well as the other movies out this weekend, hit up Celebrity Beehive. I'm seeing Premium Rush tonight! Aren't I timely?


adam said...

James Mardsen with no pants on? Boxers? Tighty whities? boxer briefs? nude??? I must know!!!!

Anonymous said...

317Love your blog and agree with you so often but we'll have to disagree about this one. It was poorly-written and plotted as well as mean-spirited in tone. None of these things can be fatal if a movie is funny but Bachelorette was just about laugh-free. Don't know what Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan or Adam Scott were thinking signing up for this one. At least Kyle Bornheimer had a shirtless scene.

Lucky said...

I really liked this movie and, although I admit it's not perfect, laughed at loud a lot of times. The cast is delightful and the humor, sharp. I'm kind of baffled by the divisive reactions it's getting.

And adam, Marsden has no pants in a scene, but a shirt is covering his butt so you don't get to see anything.

Jonathan said...

The movie was great! I also really liked Young Adult, so maybe it has to do more with taste. The comparisons with Bridesmaids are inevitable, but they really are two different takes on a same event. Oh, and there is a line from the scene of the top of the pic you posted that i think summarizes the movie. When they get together to sort of reflect on the events that have occured. I'm not exactly sure who says it (maybe Kirsten's character?) but it goes, "Fuck it, let's have a drink!"