Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Am Link

--- Hardy Gets High - Doug Liman, who I keep hoping will make something as amazing as he made with Go, is going to make a bio-pic about a climber of Mount Everest next, and it will star Tom Hardy. I try to discourage movies set in cold places starring people I want to see take their clothes off - can't we relocate it to a hot mountain? One with beaches and outdoor showers and rivers with especially enthusiastic underwater currents that rip people's shorts right off?

--- Cloud Sized - Upcoming visual splendorousness Cloud Atlas is going to play on IMAX screens when it comes out, says the Wachowskis and the Tykwer. It almost makes me wish I was back in college still dropping acid, it does. Seems like the right sorta movie for that.

--- Jim Time - My enthusiasm for sucker-hood never wanes - as long as anybody keeps dribbling out pictures of Daniel Craig looking smashing in a suit, I'll keep on posting links to them. The Playlisy has a couple new picture of yup you guess it Daniel Craig in a suit for Skyfall and here they be. Dashing, debonair, I want that on top of me, et cetera et cetera.

--- Missing Austrian - There was a Michael Haneke retrospective at MoMA a few years ago and I tried to see as much as I could but I missed his early TV series called Lemmings - and yes, of course Haneke would have a series called Lemmings, wouldn't he? - so I was pretty psyched to see The Playlist point out the series has made its way onto YouTube. Unfortunately it looks like it's only the first half of the series?

--- Funny Looking - FX is teaming up with the Coens to make a TV show out of Fargo, apparently? I assume they're just producing, aka slapping their name on the thing, because they have plenty of movies to keep on making. Also, Fargo without Frances McDormand? Inconceivable.

--- Buffy By Alf - Speaking of TV to come, maybe, Alfonso Cuaron and JJ Abrams are teaming up to make a TV show about a girl with superpowers and the escaped convict sworn to protect her. They had me at Cuaron.

--- The Lightest Loafers - Speaking of Soderbergh, here's an official-ish picture of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in their get-ups for Behind the Candleabra (seriously I will never ever stop laughing at that title, in a good way), the Liberace bio-pic they're making.

--- Uncle Charlie - We were pretty excited about the first bit of footage from Park Chan-wook's Stoker with Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode ourselves - turns out so was Nat, and here's his take on it.

--- Black Widow - If you wanna know what Winona Ryder thinks about the proposed sequel to Beetlejuice, click here and imagine it in Lydia Deetz's voice. Anyway somehow I'd spaced that Noni was doing voice-work for Frankenweenie. Everybody's saying Frankenweenie's a wonderful return to form for Burton, so I'm excited now. (I am easily persuaded by the vague opinions of strangers, dontcha know.)

--- Femme Fatal - Gina Carano, who I thought was used spectacularly well by Steven Soderbergh in Haywire - which of course is a different thing than saying she's a great actress, but I like her anyway - is the first lady to sign on for what they're calling the female version of The Expendables. Makes sense. She's basically just a Jason Statham that I don't want to have sex with.

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