Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Am Link

--- Terry And Tilda - We first heard about Terry Gilliam's next movie, some kind of insane science-fiction thing called Zero Theorem, back at the start of August when he cast Christoph Waltz in the lead. Now comes word that it will co-star Tilda fucking Swinton and my brain's gone bust.

--- Strange Less - Contrary to that delightful rumor we heard the other day, Viggo Mortensen has no plans to play Doctor Strange in the second Thor movie. Boo. Now we'll never get to see Viggo climb Chris Hemsworth like a tree and have his way with him, like surely would have happened in a mainstream superhero movie.

--- The Next Scare - Back in July I bitched and moaned about how badly I want to see Adam Wingard's supposedly terrific horror film You're Next - it's been sitting on a shelf for a year now (it first screened at Toronto last Fall). Today words comes that it has a release date at last... but it's not until next August. DAMMIT. We will all be dead by then, Lionsgate! Wingard's gone on to make shorts for the horror anthologies V/H/S and the upcoming The ABCs of Death in the meantime; he says he doesn't mind the delay for You're Next because it's giving him time to figure out a sequel. Course he's not complaining - he's seen the thing already! Grumble grumble.

--- Greek Freak - The sequel to 300 (which DH calls a "side-quel" and makes me barf in the process) now has a new and ever blander title: 300: Rise of an Empire. Not that anything will keep me from another chance to see Rodrigo Santoro in his itsy bitsy golden bikini. Call it Movie: The Movie for all I give a fuck.

--- Man To Man - The Playlist has a few new images from that thriller called Deadfall that pits two of my biggest crushes (Eric Bana and Charlie Hunnam) against each other and yup whaddya know - hot to death. Ignore the blow-up doll, though.

--- Beating Time - Great news for those of us in NYC or with access to NYC for the month following December 21st - the cinematic experience known as The Clock will be showing at MoMA for that whole month. I caught an hour or so of The Clock earlier this year when it played for a week here; it's 24 straight hours of footage from different movies edited together to correspond to the time of day shown there in. For example, I went to see it at 2 in the afternoon, and so I watched a bunch of movie scenes happening at 2 in the afternoon (always specifically showing the time of day on a clock or such). It overwhelms you - it turns time itself inside out. It's a really special show, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see more hours!

--- Papa - The trailer for that horror(ish) flick Mama starring Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been released and you can view it here, along with several new images from the flick. Unsurprisingly, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is hotness personified therein.

--- Redneck Zombies - If you've seen Cabin in the Woods by now (and if you haven't, do) then you know of the "Black Room" which Joss Whedon is blathering on about in this video which I am linking to right here. I do love to listen to his blather so.

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Will h said...

Deadfall always sounds like the title of the mockbuster Bond rip off of Skyfall that The Asylum should be putting out this year ...