Thursday, September 27, 2012

Caged Dick

The last we'd heard of Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, he was readying a film called Corpus Christi which was going to star Edgar Ramirez as a vet with PTSD - that was in March, with a shooting start of July. This sadly is not a thing that happened. No instead now comes word that this director that I love who nevertheless has a problem with reining in his more out-there impulses is teaming up with the least reined-in actor alive. 

Via The Playlist comes word Kelly is going to make a movie with Nicholas Cage. It's called Amicus, and it's kind of a convoluted story (perfect) about a man who uses a true crime book as a guide on how to hire a killer to kill his family, and then there's a legal fight with the publisher of said true crime book about how much of the fault for what happened is theirs. This is all based on a true story, natch. Cage would play the lawyer who represented the affected families of the victims.


Anonymous said...

hes hot. watching donnie darko i expected a nerd. he looks like a himbo yum

shags said...

Those arms... my god...